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Possible 2 Broke Girls spoiler

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'2 Broke Girls' Spoilers: How Far will Max and Caroline Go for Money?

Max and Caroline have a goal they need to hit on 2 Broke Girls, and so far, what they've tried just isn't getting them there. Will they turn to another way of making the money that isn't so innocent?

Money-making spoilers
TV Guide has revealed some spoilers about what's coming up, and it turns out they're going to think of another way to make some money—and this one isn't exactly legal: "They wouldn't possibly consider... prostitution, would they? Yep... they would." It's not like this is going to last very long, right? It can't. However, this should lead to some pretty amusing scenes on 2 Broke Girls as Max and Caroline consider it as a viable possibility.

Max and Caroline are working towards their goal of opening their own cupcake business, but it has been a slow process of getting the money together. When the last episode, "And the Very Christmas Thanksgiving," ended, they had $621.25. Yes, they lost two dollars from the week before. They do seem to come up with the best of intentions in raising money, but somehow they also keep losing money. Will the same thing happen when they decide to try out prostitution? How far in that idea will they get before they realize it's a bad idea?

What do you think of the latest 2 Broke Girls spoilers?

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